Approach: With a network spread across numerous sites, the in-house IT team was accustomed to handling large-scale projects. RSI Technologies, a trusted Cisco partner with a proven track record in managing complex network modernization endeavors, was chosen for its expertise.

Business Outcome:

  1. Enhanced visibility across the multi-site network.
  2. Streamlined troubleshooting processes for IT personnel.
  3. Improved performance for voice and video applications.
  4. Heightened cybersecurity for both wired and wireless endpoints.
  5. Enhanced user experience and seamless connectivity.
  6. Integration of corporate mobile phones with corporate applications.
  7. Reduced overall risk.

Background: Being integral to delivering energy services to communities, the organization recognized the necessity of leveraging technology to support its operational goals effectively. The shift in work practices and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for secure, mobile-ready capabilities.

Challenges: Maintaining a secure and efficient environment for a large workforce posed significant challenges. Renewing the network infrastructure required meticulous planning to ensure seamless operations and mitigate security threats.

IT Outcome: The project involved deploying a comprehensive solution comprising wireless access points, switches, and routers across all sites. Cisco Meraki switches and access points, alongside Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switches and Integrated Service routers, were strategically deployed for optimal performance and visibility.

Business Outcome (Continued): The modernized network infrastructure facilitated remote work capabilities, particularly crucial during the pandemic. Users experienced seamless connectivity across locations, enabling them to access corporate applications effortlessly.

Conclusion: Effective communication and collaboration, coupled with the expertise of the project team, were instrumental in the project’s success. The partnership with RSI Technologies played a pivotal role in achieving the desired outcomes, resulting in both improved user experience and heightened security measures.