City of Fremantle

Objective: The City of Fremantle aimed to upgrade its aging device fleet while moving to a new office without burdening its IT team. Approach: After considering various options, the City chose RSI’s proposal for modern devices that aligned with its needs and offered competitive pricing. IT Outcome: The new devices significantly reduced time spent supporting […]

Knight Frank Australia

Objective The Knight Frank team in Australia aimed to streamline its on-premises data center operations and drive operational efficiencies by transitioning to the cloud. Beyond enhancing resiliency and capacity, the goal was to leverage data intelligently and lay the groundwork for offering innovative services to customers. Approach Initially, Knight Frank evaluated several major cloud providers […]


ObjectiveElectraNet aimed to ensure compliance with all Microsoft product licenses across the organization while minimizing overspending on essential business software. ApproachThe in-house IT team at ElectraNet was committed to meeting software compliance requirements. Rsi introduced its unique Technology Intelligence Solution, demonstrating its ability to enhance visibility of software usage. This allowed ElectraNet to efficiently manage […]

Hydro Tasmania

Although they couldn’t have foreseen the impact of COVID-19, the IT operations and security teams at Hydro Tasmania had already constructed a modern, agile infrastructure, facilitating the secure transition of 1,200 employees to remote work overnight. ChallengesHydro Tasmania sought to consolidate with a security provider capable of supporting a new, modern architecture and an agile […]

A Tale of Successful Cisco Network Modernization

Approach: With a network spread across numerous sites, the in-house IT team was accustomed to handling large-scale projects. RSI Technologies, a trusted Cisco partner with a proven track record in managing complex network modernization endeavors, was chosen for its expertise. Business Outcome: Background: Being integral to delivering energy services to communities, the organization recognized the […]

Presenting the Cisco AI Security Assistant

In our latest eBook, “Redefining Security with Cisco’s AI Assistant,” we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. By introducing Cisco’s innovative AI solution, organizations can now better anticipate, identify, and combat threats. Within these pages, we illustrate real-world scenarios demonstrating the transformative power of Cisco’s AI assistant for Security:

2024 Is Set to Revolutionize Personal Computing

The year 2024 heralds a momentous period for personal computing, characterized by the transition to Windows 11, the advent of AI-enabled PCs featuring Intel’s new 14th generation Core Ultra processor, and further advancements in Microsoft’s Copilot initiative. This convergence underscores the profound commitment of the PC industry to harness the power of AI. Transitioning to […]

Watch out for the specter within the system: AI and cyber risks

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI, is reshaping our world. While its presence is widely acknowledged, its complete implications remain elusive. Often regarded simply as a tool for streamlined and precise writing, AI holds potential far beyond mere novelty. It stands poised to revolutionize our daily tools, both in domestic and professional […]