ElectraNet aimed to ensure compliance with all Microsoft product licenses across the organization while minimizing overspending on essential business software.

The in-house IT team at ElectraNet was committed to meeting software compliance requirements. Rsi introduced its unique Technology Intelligence Solution, demonstrating its ability to enhance visibility of software usage. This allowed ElectraNet to efficiently manage licensing needs and optimize their technology investment.

Business Outcome

Project Highlight
The audit process’s cost and resource demands drastically decreased following the implementation of RSI’s Technology Intelligence Solution.

“The solution helps us manage license renewals and saves costs by identifying unused applications, thus eliminating potential unnecessary expenses.”

ElectraNet owns and operates South Australia’s high-voltage electricity transmission network, providing safe, affordable, and reliable power solutions. Microsoft software is integral to their operations, but limited visibility hindered accurate usage assessment.

Managing software licenses across a complex, multi-site environment posed challenges for ElectraNet’s busy in-house IT team. Limited visibility and unwieldy software asset management tools made it difficult to prepare for audits and track compliance.

Business Outcome
Given the substantial annual IT expenditure on software licenses and the risk of compliance failures, managing licensing effectively was crucial for ElectraNet. Rsi’s Technology Intelligence Solution, leveraging Snow Software, provided accurate oversight and expert recommendations on software licensing.

By outsourcing ongoing license monitoring to Rsi, ElectraNet could allocate resources more effectively and take a proactive approach to software asset management. The solution streamlined audit processes and provided clarity on software usage, ultimately optimizing licensing costs and ensuring compliance.