Although they couldn’t have foreseen the impact of COVID-19, the IT operations and security teams at Hydro Tasmania had already constructed a modern, agile infrastructure, facilitating the secure transition of 1,200 employees to remote work overnight.

Hydro Tasmania sought to consolidate with a security provider capable of supporting a new, modern architecture and an agile network connecting users wherever they are.


Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks empowered Hydro Tasmania to achieve Zero Trust Network Access for their entire workforce while adopting new Secure Web Gateway capability to safeguard mobile users and remote network sites. Leveraging their existing investment in next-generation network security, powered by Palo Alto Networks firewalls and Panorama for central management, log collection, and reporting, allowed for a seamless transition to a secure remote workforce and the enactment of business continuity plans. Collaborating extensively with RSI Technologies throughout the program guided Hydro Tasmania in rolling out across initial sites efficiently and without issues.

Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s leading clean energy business, embarked on a three-year infrastructure modernization program in 2018. Little did they know, this initiative would enable a smooth transition to remote work for 1,200 employees amidst the global pandemic in 2020.

Standardizing network security and access for modern users

Hydro Tasmania aimed to streamline operations and enhance incident response by moving away from multiple firewall technologies. They also faced connectivity and user experience challenges due to a dispersed workforce.


Unified management and simplified operations

Phase one involved deploying Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and Panorama™ for managing network threats. This unified platform approach enabled vendor consolidation and simplification. Prisma® Access, implemented in phase two, improved connectivity, user experience, and security for remote workers. This cloud-delivered solution aligned with Hydro Tasmania’s user-centric security model, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Achieving better security outcomes and reducing complexity through consolidation

The enterprise security platform enabled Hydro Tasmania to streamline operations, reduce complexity and hardware costs, and enhance security capabilities.

Seamless remote working transition despite pandemic

Collaboration with RSI Technologies and Palo Alto Networks ensured a smooth transition to remote work, with no disruptions or downtime. The scalable remote access capability facilitated the rapid shift to remote work amid COVID-19.

Hydro Tasmania’s user-centric strategy and modern architecture, supported by RSI Technologies and Palo Alto Networks, facilitated a seamless transition to remote work amidst the pandemic, enhancing security and operational efficiency.