Environmental, Social & Governance


Committed to using ESG for a better future

Our vision is to unite people and technology for a brighter future. We’re dedicated to a sustainable ESG framework, making a real impact in our business, community, and beyond, for a better world.





Every day, our goal is to improve each of our three pillars

Every day, our goal is to make positive changes within the realms of ESG. Join us on our journey to create a better tomorrow through ESG.

We actively seek eco-friendly practices to integrate into our daily operations.

Amidst the global challenge of climate change, Rsi is committed to mitigating our environmental footprint. We’re intensifying our dedication to sustainable practices, ingrained at every level of our operations.

Aligned with our Corporate Governance principle of acting ethically and responsibly, we persist in combating climate change. Expanding on our efforts, we aspire to achieve net zero emissions.

Explore our 2023 ESG report for insights on our greenhouse gas emissions, operational impact reduction, and actions under our Five Point SUSTAIN environmental program. This includes initiatives to:

– Reduce, reuse, recycle
– Conserve energy
– Support green vendors
– Foster green thinking and volunteerism
– Cultivate a green-minded culture

We're firm believers that investing in our people and fostering a strong community benefits everyone

Our Team

In an era of rapid technological advancements, one thing remains constant: the skill, dedication, and hard work of our team. This is the cornerstone of RSI Technologies’ role as a trusted partner for over 5,000 Australian organizations. Our team members forge connections, nurture relationships, tackle business and technology hurdles, and most importantly, innovate to propel us to the forefront of our industry.

Explore the 2023 ESG report to delve into topics such as job creation, staff turnover, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness initiatives, training and education, our Reconciliation Action Plan, and much more.
Our Community

The RSI Technologies workforce is deeply committed to our broader community. Embracing our culture of supporting vital local, national, and international charities, and fostering volunteerism has always been integral to our ethos. Our SOUL program fosters connections with community organizations and directs our efforts towards meaningful and enduring impact. Within our company, our people have two primary avenues to contribute to our communities: through fundraising and donations, or by participating in volunteer activities.

At RSI Technologies, integrity and professionalism drive our commitments to people, customers, partners, and the community

At RSI Technologies, our team is dedicated to upholding integrity and doing what’s right. Our actions reflect our values and define who we are.

The RSI Technologies Board and senior management are devoted to establishing and fostering an ethical culture that our employees can take pride in.

As we leverage the potential of people and technology to drive success for our customers, we remain steadfast in operating with the utmost ethical standards and making a positive impact in all endeavors.

Explore the 2023 ESG report for insights into RSI Technologies’ governance and ethics practices.
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